Tom Seidmann-Freud

Niece of Sigmund Freud, Tom Seidmann-Freud (pseudonym of Marta Freud), is one of the greatest names of German children’s literature from the 20's. After studying fine arts, she choses a male pseudonym and starts creating a unique, surreal fictional world, made of clear lines and bright colours. She publishes her first book at 22 and in 1920 she marries the writer Jankew Seidmann in Berlin. She writes and illustrates several picture books where ideal dream and phantasmagoria play a key role. This exceptional artistic experience end abruptly though: due to a severe financial and personal breakdown, her husband commits suicide in 1929. Tom will die soon after. Her work is still extremely rare: Il viaggio sul pesce is her first picture book published in Italy.

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