Are you hyperactive? No, I'm Swiss

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I was six years old. Once, uncle Bernard came to see us. After dinner, my sisters and I started playing. Then they went to bed as they were younger than me, while I started jumping on the couch. After a while my uncle asked me "Are you hyperactive?” I didn’t understand and answered: "No, I'm Swiss." He almost fell off the chair laughing.
Manuel Rossello is a literature teacher, and he’s especially passionate about autobiographies, but also about aphorisms, anecdotes, jokes. He gave his secondary school students, in Lugano, the task of writing down their memories in the space of just few lines. The goal was for them to discover the pleasure of storytelling. The results range between the sublime and the hilarious. And it turned out to be an interesting and touching experience. This is the 21st book of Gli Anni in Tasca collection, with a brand new graphic design. [Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • thinking about what growing up means;
  • planning a school workshop on autobiographical tale;
  • using major authors autobiographies to develop writing skills.