Haunted houses

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A question has been wandering trough the world since the first man appeared on earth, or better, since the first man ended underground: do ghosts exist? Many wrote about ghosts haunting empty – and inhabited – houses, but bewitched places (Case stregate) like these have never been so haunted. Massimo Scotti, a brilliant writer, essayist and literature academic, tells us the mysteries and intrigues, and gives detailed descriptions of scary shadows, moving the readers who can’t get enough of frightening stories. The drawings by Antonio Marinoni, acknowledged talent of illustration, perfectly integrate, since they complete the short stories and make every detail unmissable. Case stregate is an awe-inspiring picture book.
[Text in Italian]
A book for: 
  • telling scary stories;
  • talking about subjects we don't know and have no experience of. 

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