The old lady's golden breads

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In a village hugged by a river, in an outlandish house, there lived an old woman. Every day she took a lot of trouble to cook many delicious dishes, and then in the evening, sitting at the window on her rocking chair, she enjoyed the sight of the fog rising slowly from the river and swallowing everything. But one day, an unexpected guest knocked at her door: It was a Dark Shadow who want to take the old woman away. No way: the old lady had to prepare some superfine Christmas cakes. No one can make it as tasty as she does. So the Shadow will have to wait. The Shadow is annoyed, but then she makes it taste one of those sweet cakes, then another one... And the Dark Shadow realizes that it never tasted anything like that. A fascinating Gypsy folk tale, interpreted by Annamaria Gozzi and Violeta Lopiz with intense emotion.
[Text in Italian]

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French, Korean.

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