Ba's story

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Tomi lives in a an African village which is just as old as the Earth, like Grandpa Ba is used to tell children under the Galam tree, where they gather to listen to his stories on the beginning of the world. He tells about a millet grain that started life and all creatures: men, animals, plants; and stories about tortoises and stars, which were once so close that children could play with them. The day Ba’s soul decides to return to its millet grain, Tomi realizes he must keep these stories alive so to preserve his people. The book is inspired by Mali cosmogony and is important for us to become aware of the beauty of African cultures, threatened by foreign investors’ land grabbing.
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A book for: 
  • reading other culture’s stories;
  • realizing that we can tell the origin of life in many different ways;
  • becoming aware of land grabbing.
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