Poems of the night, of the day, of every thing around

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A collection of rare poetic intensity, written with measure and wisdom by Silvia Vecchini, here on her debut in poetry for children, and Marina Marcolin, amazing watercolorist. A work of patient, focused excavation which brings to light the secret, prodigious, splendid gems of childhood and adolescence: moments of beauty; dazzling flashes of unknown suffering and awareness. A mysterious and, at the same time, familiar path between ordinary life and the suspended time of the heart: sometimes dull, sometimes hectic, in its unexpected and irregular rhythm. A fearless book, flying high, very high, to affirm the right to nobility of those who belong to an age that does not fear the courage and the worries of the most human of all adventures: to know oneself.
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A book for: 
  • discovering a new dimension of time;
  • helping teenager approach high profile poetry and illustration;
  • learning how to know ourselves.