As strong as a bear

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Man – and particularly the child – has always identified with animals and their characteristics. The language has embraced this millennial communion, transforming it into idiomatic forms. There are those who start the day as early as a rooster, and those who sleep through the morning like a cat. There are those who feel like an elephant, or a lion. Sometimes you are hungry like a wolf, you have the skin tone of a crab, or the strenght of a bear. Children are these many different things all together. And many, many more! This is a book to invent new and strange ways to be and to feel, to learn to be as we are, but also as we are not but we’d love to be, and maybe one day we will! [Text in Italian]

A book for: 
  • learning about animals;
  • learning new expressions;
  • playing with language and signs.

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