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It’s winter. It’s cold and it’s snowing. The little lake in the park is frozen and you can skate on it. Lisa has missed her bus again. Nico, Lina’s parrot, has flown away, and somebody has lost their red wallet. Winter is the first of Susanne Berner’s Wimmelbuch series. A silent book about seasons in the city, that never ends. The renown German illustrator Susanne Berner, Hans Christian Andersen Award winner in 2016, brings readers for a stroll in the same street but in different times of the day and of the year. A glimpse of urban life, bustling with people, plants, animals, activities, weird stuff.

A book for: 
  • observing changes and details; 
  • making up stories for all the characters;
  • learnig the great game of attention. 

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