The bucket rider

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A nocturnal and mysterious tale by Franz Kafka, illustrated by Anais Tonelli. On a freezing night, a young man left without coal and his stove breathing out cold, decides to go to the coal dealer and beg him for a shovelful of coal. So, he rides on his bucket, floating in the air like a strange knight, through dark and deserted streets. When he reaches the dealer’s cellar, he sees him sitting and writing at a small table. The door is open to let out the excessive heat. He calls him, begging him not to let him freeze to death. But the coal dealer doesn't hear him: his wife doesn’t want him to listen, and tries to convince him that the night is empty and quiet, and there's no one outside. Until the bucket rider, chased away by the woman with her apron, takes his way to the cold mountains. [Text in Italian] 

A book for: 
  • discovering one of the most famous writers of all times;
  • thinkink about the gap between the poor and the and wealthy; 
  • learning that some hearts can become very hard.

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